Oct 3, 2021 · 2 min read

A temporary email is a handy tool for marketers just starting out

The main task of a beginner web marketer is divided into 3 small steps that will lead to success. The last two are directly related to email, and this is where a temporary email address comes in handy.

Contacting your potential customers via email is one of the most effective tools for Internet marketers. The main task of a beginning online marketer is divided into three small steps that will lead to success: creating a well-optimized site, promoting that site using email automation and other automated methods, and sending new information materials and content to the emails of registered users. The last two tasks are directly related to email, and this is where a temporary email address comes in handy.

What is a temporary email address : Temp Mail, and how do I use it?

Creating a temporary email address does not require registration or entering personal information, which can save a lot of time and simplify a marketer's job.

Incoming messages may not appear automatically, so you must click the Refresh button to see new incoming messages. You should also remember that incoming messages are stored in a disposable mailbox for 48 hours, after which they are automatically deleted. If you need to save a letter, simply forward it to your primary email address.

How to use Temp Mail temporary addresses to increase traffic to your website:

1. Posting reviews on forums to promote the website

Paradoxically, one of the most effective tools for a novice marketer to increase traffic to his website is posting reviews on various forums. This phenomenon is easily explained: almost all users who want to buy a product choose the most appropriate options based on the reviews posted on various forums. With the help of temporary mail, you can quickly sign up for various forums and not be burdened with the paperwork of a regular mail service.

2. Use mailing services

This method of driving traffic to the site is very effective, but it requires considerable effort to prepare the content and test the sending parameters. A newsletter that works well can then be used to advertise materials published on the site and, as a result, attract additional visitors and potential customers. However, in order to make everything cool, you need to test the appearance of the content first, and it is very convenient to use temporary mail for this.

3. Test mailings to registered users using temporary mail

Even a well-promoted site is no guarantee of high sales volumes. The task of the marketer is not only to attract traffic, but also to turn site visitors into potential customers. In practice, a first-time user rarely buys a product immediately. Therefore, the marketer must encourage the user to bookmark a site and subscribe to an email newsletter. In this way, the marketer will stay in touch with the user and gradually "warm them up" to make a purchase.

This is why a marketer should perform functional testing of mailings using the temporary mail service. This will allow you to view the results of the prepared mailing using different email addresses in various browsers and operating systems, check them thoroughly and quickly correct any errors.