Nov 2, 2021 · 1 min read

A modern solution to protect yourself from spam

Using temporary mail is a modern solution to protect your personal data online.

Disposable mail is an one of the best tools to protect your online privacy or the data stored in your main mailbox.  No one will be able to identify you if you use a temporary email address. In addition, you can be sure that your business mailbox is also protected from fraudsters.

Anti-virus software tends to lag behind the constant advances in hacker technology. As a result, your data is always at risk of being hacked, and any mistake can be fatal.

How does Temp Mail protect your confidential information?

Imagine that one of your senders has given your email address to spamming cybercriminals. With TempMail, this won't be a problem - just delete the temporary email address and create a new one. This way, you can easily avoid receiving any unwanted emails.

Temp Mail's temporary email will allow you to receive emails, then redirect them to your main mailbox or delete them permanently. Your real mailbox will only receive letters from carefully selected senders, without spam, advertisements or viruses. Thanks to this service, you can safely sign up for any site or chat room and not worry about your mailbox becoming a place to receive stacks of spam letters.